Fibre Optic Lighting

  • No Heat or UV from lighting points.
  • The light source is the only point requiring electricity making this ideal for External lighting, Swimming Pool / Wet Area Lighting.
  • Colour change and twinkle effects, such as sensory lights for children.
  • Energy Saving compared to conventional lighting as only one light source/lamp required for multiple lighting points. Now with new LED Projectors for low wattage and high light output.
  • Custom design & manufacture of specific contemporary lighting solutions, such as fibre optic star ceiling & fibre optic chandeliers.

What is Fibre Optic Lighting?

Fibre Optic Lighting is made up of strands of optical fibre in a harness that transmit light along its length from a light source/ Projector. The Fibre Optic harness is a loom of multiple stranded or single stranded cables combined together to allow many lighting points from one light source/ projector.

The light is transmitted through light fixtures, fibre optic chandeliers, and star points with effect controls such as Twinkle, Mood Lighting, Colour Change, and DMX/AVR control and scene setting for many application areas.

Northampton based Fibre Optic Lighting Direct is one of the UK’s largest stockists of Fibre Optic Lighting and Fibre Optic Star Ceiling. We can supply Fibre Optic Ceiling Kits, Swimming Pool Lighting, Sensory Lights for Children and Fibre Optic Chandeliers to your precise specification.

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