We Have Ranked the Top 12 Wireless Devices Used At Home

Wireless devices

Almost everything technology related is wireless. We have studied a list of wireless devices and have categorised them in relation to their popularity and usefulness. Below is Fibre Optic’s top ranked wireless devices. Get in touch with us to tell us what your favourite device is.

1.   Smartphones/tablets

A smartphone or tablet is without a doubt the most obvious one. It is a device that the majority of people use on a daily basis as they seem to do everything we want and need. A lot more people are beginning to use an iPad for work.

We can use smartphones to talk, email, text, search, navigate, watch, listen, photograph, pay and much more. It is almost like “what doesn’t the smartphone do?”. People have even been able to run a business just from their iPhone, Samsung or LG. Click here for the most popular smartphones.

The latest iPads and Android tablets have internet access via a SIM card, making them just like a bigger iPhone.

Although iPad’s are great, it seems the durability of them isn’t so much. They are much more likely to become damaged, including smashed screens and dents along the side, especially the more us consumers use them. So, if you are faced with a broken device, get it fixed ASAP.

The longer you leave your iPhone or iPad damaged, the more likely other things are going to go wrong. For example, leaving an iPad with a smashed screen for too long can then damage the LCD, making the repair price is even more expensive. Get your iPad fixed ASAP with an express service from Square Repair. iPad models include: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air. See more.

2.   Anything Bluetooth

It is likely that there are more Bluetooth typed chips in products than any other type of wireless technology. Devices include wireless headphones, speakers and location services. Bluetooth is often found in industrial applications too. Find out more.

Bluetooth technology has many benefits, including:

  • Inexpensive
  • Automatic
  • Low energy

3.   Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is everywhere, in our offices, cars and public places such as coffee shops. Our devices such as laptops, phones and tablets connect to the internet. Wi-Fi is a key significance for both industrial and domestic locations to function properly.